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Eid al Adha in Bahria town Karachi

Eid al Adha in Bahria town Karachi

Eid al Adha is most popular festival in Pakistan. People love animals and they bring Qurbani animals few days before the festival. likewise other places of city management of Bahria Town has come up with a full system to facilitate its
residents with cattle pens and slaughter houses while maintaining the cleanliness of the place.

On this occasion of Eid al Adha residents of Bahria Town Karachi are not allowed to Keep any animal in the houses, shops or office premises. Fine of Rs. 25000 per animal will be charged. The owners will not be allowed to take their animals on a walk. Shifting of your animal to the pen site will be responsibility of the owner. If your animal falls sick or dies in the cattle pen the BTK management will not be responsible for it.

Two cattle pens and slaughter houses have been set up in precinct 1 and 19 for the comfort of their
residents. The cattle pens will be available from 2nd July 2022 onwards. There will be 5 facilities available in the
designated areas.

1. Shade (tent only)
2. Fodder
3. Water
4. Security
5. Cleaning of area
Charges per day for keeping the animals before qurbani are

BTK Charges For Eid Al Adha 2022

Animal Charges for 1st & 2nd DayCharges for 3rd DayFodder and water
Charges per Day
Goat/sheepRs. 4000Rs. 3500Rs. 650
Cow Rs. 12000Rs. 10000Rs. 1200
Camel Rs. 16000Rs. 15000Rs. 1400

For slaughtering the animal, each owner would be given a token and a time if not present on the time with the token their turn is to be shifted to the last. Only one person will be allowed to witness the qurbani of their animal. There will be no special orders taken for the cut of your animals meat. The people planning on hiring private butchers must keep their animals in precinct 1 and to use the slaughter house set up near Bahria town’s old temporary entrance (precinct-1).

Bahria Town helpline related Qurbani Queries  021-38771555

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