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IMTIAZ Bahria Town Karachi

Imtiaz Bahria Town Karachi is one of the biggest Mega Supermarket in Pakistan. Imtiaz supermarket is considered as the most economical super market of Pakistan. IMTIAZ is the fastest growing retail chain of Pakistan. Bahria Town Karachi residents were in need of a supermarket and Imtiaz has fulfilled their demand by opening its MEGA Market.

Managements of Imtiaz Super market and Bahria Town had an agreement in mid 2020. This historic event was lead by chairman Bahria Town Mr. Malik Riaz. Owner of Imtiaz Mr. Imtiaz abbasi signed the contract to open its flagship stores in all Locations of Bahria Town.

Imtiaz Bahria was opened on 19th Feb 2021. Large number of people attended the opening ceremony. Imtiaz Supermarket is serving residents of Bahria Town Karachi with complete dedication since then. A large number of people from Bahria Town Karachi and nearby areas comes and visits for their regular grocery.

Bahria Imtiaz is very famous for its wide range of products category. You can easily get almost every product of your need from this amazing supermarket. ISM is a top choice of people of Pakistan, when it comes to daily use products. Prices of products are very competitive and ISM doesn’t compromise over quality and hygiene.  Imtiaz Super market Bahria Town Karachi’s Fresh meat and vegetable section is very special. You can get High quality hygienic halal Fresh Meat & vegetables in very reasonable prices.

ISM has its loyalty club as well. Imtiaz Bahria offers special discounted promotions for visitors and also offers special prizes.

Imtiaz is now opened in Bahria Town Lahore Violet Block, adjacent PSO filling station.

Imtiaz Bahria Town Location:

Imtiaz Bahria is located in 2nd Ave, Precinct 19. It’s almost 1 and half Kilometer away from main entrance of BTK.

Contact Number: 

Contact Number of Imtiaz Bahria Town Karachi is 021-111468429

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