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How to get rid of Bad Smell

Smells inside Houses or Offices are caused by various factors. Most Common factor is humidity and moisture buildup. In This article We will tell how you can get rid of Bad smell Quickly without spending much of expensive air Fresheners. By using these simple Hacks you can bring maximum Freshness in your space.

Coffee BeansCoffee

Coffee Beans are considered to be best odor neutralizers. Take some Coffee beans and place them in Closed spaces like wardrobes, drawers and kitchen cabinets. Coffee Beans will fully neutralize bad odors and will spread refreshing aroma across the place.

Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel

Lemon peels are another wonderful hack to get rid of bad odor. Take lemon peels and put them in glass jar with some water. keep this mixture overnight ingredients inside lemon peels will be fully dissolved in water. Add some Vinegar and baking soda and shake well. Put this mixture in any mist spray bottle and spray it on absorbent surfaces  like Carpets and Upholstery. This will neutralize Musty monsoon smell in few minutes and will spread refreshing Lemon Cent.


Sunlight is very necessary it not only lighten up spaces but also a very important thing to fight Bad Musty Monsoon Smell. Keep doors and windows open so maximum sunlight can reach inside your home or office. sunlight will eliminate moisture set inside hidden places and will remove bad smell instantly.


Salt contains special ingredients which can fight damp smells. Take a breathable Cloth and Put some Salt inside it and place it in Humid areas. Salt will Automatically absorb moisture and will reduce bad smell in few days. It is advisable to Change salt every week for better results.

 These are simple hacks how to get rid of bad smell.

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