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Bahria Dancing Fountain


Bahria Dancing Fountain Karachi is the south-Asia’s top most dancing fountain, This fountain is one of the most advanced and beautiful across globe. 16th of April 2017 was the day when this magical place was opened for public visits. Magical Water Fountains-Crystal Group are the designers behind this great fountain. Crystal Group is one of the best company and is famous for its magical water fountain works across globe. This group is pioneer of designing water falls and fountains and many famous places like Singapore Sentosa and Dubai Canal Waterfall.


Bahria Dancing Fountain has more than 250 high power fountain jets. These jets send water up to one Hundred and eighty feet. 180ftor 55 meters Hight. There are total of 24 high quality flame throwers which acts as supporter in the whole process with controlled flames. There are 6 multicolored powerful lasers system attached in this project. 350 LED Lighting Projectors are also installed for smooth operations combination of all above produces mesmerizing impact at the audience.

Bahria Town Dancing Fountains is a must visit place. This Fountain is the place where anybody whether Kid, Adult or Age age can enjoy. its a stress reliever for the visitors. Dazzling movement of water with colorful lasers all around makes it’s very special. Bahria Town management organizes special events with National pterotic anthems on occasions of  independence day of Pakistan. 14th August. 23rd march Pakistan day and 25th Dec on birth of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Dancing Fountain Bahria Town Karachi is located in prescient 28. DK BBQ Grill and is an eatry place at the spot where you can have delicious food and enjoy dazzling view of dancing fountain

Bahria Town’s management has kept the free entry for everyone. This magical place opens for public once a week on Sunday. Bahria Dancing fountain also operates on public holidays for public visits.


Timing of visits are every Sunday 7Pm till 9Pm

Contact Number of Bahria Dancing fountain is +92 21 36161555

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