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Is Bahria Town Karachi a good investment?

Is Bahria Town Karachi a good investment? It’s the most common question which every Pakistani asks for.

In this Article we will share 6 Reasons whay Bahria Town Karachi is safe investment. But before we move on we have to look back and know some interesting facts regarding Bahria Town.

A brief history of Bahria Town

Bahria Town launched its first project in 1997 and it was first ever private gated organised community introduced in Pakistan. Bahria Town Rawalpindi was a Top hit and got popularity soon after its launch and it’s still the best place to live in Rawalpindi Islamabad till date.

After huge success in Rawalpindi Bahria Town moved forward and introduce its project in Lahore. Bahria Town Lahore was again a master piece for people of Lahore and it got popularity among upper and middle class. Bahria Town Lahore is still a best place to live in Lahore.

Karachi project by Bahria Town was introduced in 2015, but unfortunately since the beginning of time BTK was subjected to controversies, which raises question in the minds of investors. Supreme Court Ordered to Pay Bahria Town Rs 460Bn against 16,896 acers of Land. After this settlement BTK market started to move in a good pace and Prices of properties went to maximum within few months.

6 Reasons Why Bahria Town Karachi is a Safe Place to invest

Previous Projects

Bahria Town has delivered all what was promised in its Previous projects in Lahore and Rawalpindi. Bahria Town Karachi was launched in 2015 and this Mega project is still in development phase but most of the projects are delivered to public.

Interest of Local Builders and Developers

Large numbers of private projects are under development. All the renowned Real estate builders and developers are very actively building their projects inside bahria Town Karachi.

Interest of Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistani Community is actively investing in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town has provided special facilities to overseas Pakistani community by Opening Offices in Dubai, New York and London.

Affordable Luxury

BTK is considered as the most luxuries place to live in Karachi at the moment. It is offering residents the best facilities at very minimum charges. Wide roads, 24/7 electricity, No water shortages, and state of the art security and surveillance, Huge number of Families are already living in BTK.

Bahria Town Locals Community

BTLK Bahria Town Locals Karachi is a huge community of residents. This community is very active and providing there feedback of lifestyle via social media channels.

Future expansions

Management of Bahria Town is always looking for expansion opportunities. We can Foresee Phase 2 of BTK in near future.

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