Friday, March 1, 2024

Bahria Town Clifton Flyover

Bahria Town is famous for its Social and public welfare works. Chairman Bahria town Mr. Malik Riaz directly looks into Social & welfare works. Need of a Clifton Flyover was there as Residents of DHA and Clifton was facing huge traffic congestion at spot of Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine due to large number of visitors. This route was must go for thousands of people and was a big hazel for daily users. Bahria Town noticed this problem and came with the idea of state of the art flyover and underpass.

Bahria Town Clifton Flyover is the first ever mega public infrastructure project in Pakistan, it was funded and developed by Bahria Town. Project infrastructural Cost of was 1.8 Billion PKR in 2015, which was fully bearded by the Bahria Town. Project Covered area is over two kilometers, and consists of 1 Flyover, three Underpasses, two Pedestrian Subways and Associated Roads and Pedestrian Pathways. It additionally consists of two separate Wheelchair Friendly Pedestrian Pathways for the public. Built quality of Road and other infrastructure is of very high quality, water drain system is remarkably well planned.

Bahria Town Clifton Flyover was inaugurated on the historic Labour Day 1st May 2015 by a 70 years old employee of Bahria Town Mr. Ghulam Jillani. Bahria Town Clifton Flyover and underpass solved traffic problems of Thousands of residents & Visitors of DHA & Clifton. Bahria town is bearing the maintenance expenses Clifton Flyover, 60 employees which include electricians, gardeners, sweepers and plumbers, works in 3 shifts to ensure smooth operations.

On 1st May 2022 people of Karachi celebrated completion of 7th year of this mega project. Residents of DHA, Clifton and visitors of Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi and Clifton beach are still very happy still after 7 years as this flyover and underpass is still very well maintained.

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