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Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Bahria Town Adventure Land Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi being a residential place also has an adventurous plan to keep the people entertained within the place. That being places like Eiffel tower for sightseeing and the theme park for more spontaneous activities.

Bahria adventure land was developed in collaboration with the leading manufacturers from Italy. being the biggest theme park in Karachi has the attention of many people. It was launched on 1st November 2019. People can enjoy water slides to kill off the heat or the cyclone to bring the dauntless side of themselves.

The theme park is open for people all throughout the week other than Monday. On the weekdays and weekends the doors to the Bahria Adventure Land are open from 3pm -11pm. This family friendly adventure land has a colour ticket system, the green tickets which are for the adults taller than 4ft 3 inches cost Rs 3000 while the yellow tickets for the kids of 2 feet 6 inches to 4 feet 3 inches cost Rs 2000.

The adventure land has a masjid too and the entrance as majestic as a castle.

Top Rides of Adventure Land are

BAHRIA TOWN EYE (35 meter High experience a panoramic view of BTK)
DIZZY DAISY (youth and adult thrilling experience)
PLAYDIUM (indoor food court with playground with different recreational activities for children)
splendid look and thrilling experience)
SHARK ATTACK (Fly up & down with wonderful sound effect and attractive LED light)
Bahria Adventure Express (choo-choo toots its horn)
KOOL KRACHERS (Ram, spin and bump in the crazy way with  cars crashing)
POWER DROP (Riders are propelled down this 42 meters tall Power Drop)
ALADIN (Sending riders head over heels 40 meters in the air makes the world spin around)
(7 water slides tipping cones, hose jets, water guns )

It’s a versatile place for everybody to enjoy and has become a staple to the valiant youth. It’s has become a landmark of enjoyment and get together for many. With spots to eat, pray and play it’s a place to recharge and reset our bodies, away from the exhausting work life.

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